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Community updates

Process dictionary features are going away in 3.0

We're (probably) moving our forum channels to ElixirForum

AshGraphql now supports generic actions

Smokestack: declarative test factories for Ash

Welcome Barnabas J to the core team!

New mix task `ash.generate_policy_chart`

ElixirConf Ash Meetup


in-line aggregates


Initial stab at ``

I'll be on vacation this week

`parent/1` in relationship filters

`Ash.Query.distinct` now supports calculations

Include resources directly in the API, and convenience warnings

New Expressions: `at/2` and `string_split/3`


Exists aggregate

Ash 3.0 talk and training at ElixirConf 2023!

If and how are you using `Ash.Flow`?

New built-in `negate` validation

Field Policies

New EEF Working Group proposal: "Libraries and Frameworks"

2 presale tickets left for the ElixirConf 2023 training!