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2 presale tickets left for the ElixirConf 2023 training!

Announcing Reactor


Bulk Creates

"Basic" actions

AshOban (beta)


Keyset pagination-backed `!/2` is now available in `main`

Community support schedule

`return_notifications?` is much less necessary now

Is there an updated nested forms example for 1.7 and heex?

Password validation feedback in the liveview form.


Ash Framework & GPT4

New builtin check: `accessing_from`

Initial (and *very* fledgeling) support for open api has been merged to AshJsonApi

Bounty to remove Surface from Ash Admin

ElixirConf 2023 Training

New expressions

`:union` type

AshAuthentication 3.9.1

`after_transaction` and `before_transaction` hooks

Support for `uniq?` option on `count` and `list` aggregates will be released soon

Magic link support has shipped.

Api.aggregate support is now in main