I’ve put together a little example of using AshPhoenix.Form to build an interactive one-to-many form: https://github.com/totaltrash/form_example

I picked up Ash around the same time I got into Elixir (both Ash and Surface blew my mind at the time, so much declarative goodness). As I’ve never really worked with Ecto directly, I absolutely loved this post ( https://kobrakai.de/kolumne/one-to-many-liveview-form ) on building a one-to-many form using Ecto changesets - I began to understand how Ecto was never built with this interactive use case in mind, and the complexities involved of rolling your own solution. AshPhoenix.Form just handles this stuff out of the box, so I had to model something similar using Ash and AshPhoenix.


Very nice! This is a great example 🙇


Nicely done!


Awesome! File under why I’m here. Ash and lightweight processes that get their own heap. This example will help me a lot !